joseph J. Collement, esq.

Joseph is fluent in English & French and focuses his practice in the areas of business/commercial litigation and transactions.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Joseph worked at a prominent tech start-up in the capacity as Director of Business Development where he played an important role gaining early traction and helped raise substantial funding. There, he made invaluable contacts and became well acquainted with operation and processes that make any business successful and profitable. 


  • California 
  • United States District Court for the Southern District of California

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Rafael Yakobi, ESQ. 

Rafael's interest in and experience with bitcoin, blockchain technology, and and crypto currencies dates back to 2013. He understands fundamental and technical asset price analysis, market operations and risks, arbitrage, custodial and cyber security procedures and concerns, and the political, philosophical, and economic motivations and incentives that set the stage for the rise of cryptocurency. As such, in late 2017 as the world began to finally notice the technological an economic revolution taking place in this arena, Rafael and Joseph both felt compelled to get involved, contribute, and support what we believe is the most important technological revolution of our generation. In addition to typical legal work, Rafael is happy to discuss (for fun!) and consult regarding general crypto and blockchain topics. 

Prior to the formation of The Crypto Lawyers, Rafael gained valuable legal experience as a licensed attorney in the state of California. Some of that experience includes: litigating complex securities class actions against the biggest banks and financial institutions in the world, representing consumers in class-actions vindicating their rights, prosecuting antitrust class-actions against bad actors in the financial and commodity space, representing whistleblowers in False Claims Act cases against corporations that bribe and defraud tax payers, defending the rights of individuals charged white collar and other crimes on Wall Street, and representing investors and financial advisors in FINRA, AAA, and JAMS arbitration. These experiences make Rafael ideally situated to tackle the new and cutting edge issues facing investors, visionaries, inventors, and financial professionals in the crypto-sphere. 


  • California 
  • United States District Court for the Northern District of California